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Valentine’s Day Dress Code Meaning Feb 14th Dress Colours | Images 2016

valentines dress code
Written by Naveen Puli
valentines dress code

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Valentine’s Day 2016: In every year people celebrated February 14th as a Valentine Day. So I am writing this post on Valentine’s Day Dress Code Meaning and Dress Colours and Images. Many people represent their status through Dress Code colours.

Meaning of Valentines Day

According to Wikipedia

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a celebration observed on February 14th each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it is not a public holiday in most of them.

We already knew that on this day so many people express their love on this day. I think people are eagerly waiting for Saint Valentine Day 2016. Pay some attention to this post and get the required colour for your Dress Code.

Valentine’s Day Dress Code 14th February Dress Colour Code Meaning 2016

Valentines Day is a unique event which people can express the mood or status. Dress code colours are more prominent on this day because it is the only way to check their relationship. Choose the best colour code from below list now.

Valentine’s Day Dress Codes 2016

Check the available colours from this list now.

Dress Colour Meaning
Blue Colour Love Applicants Invited
Green Colour I am waiting
Red Colour Already in Love, Two side
Black Colour Proposal Rejected
White Colour Sorry, I am already reserved
Orange Colour Going to Propose
Pink Colour Proposal accepted
Purple/Grey Colour Note interested, Better luck next time
Yellow Colour Broke Up
Brown Colour Broken Hearts

Valentine Week List 2016

7 February 2016 Rose Day Saturday
8 February 2016 Propose Day Sunday
9 February 2016 Chocolate Day Monday
10 February 2016 Teddy Day Tuesday
11 February 2016 Promise Day Wednesday
12 February 2016 Hug Day Thursday
13 February 2016 Kiss Day Friday
14 February 2016 VALENTINE’S DAY Saturday

I think I have given you the required information at here. Now its your turn to select the proper Valentines Day Dress Code. Don’t use Blue colour if your are engaged or married because it shows that you are single and ready to accepts proposals.

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