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List of Proxy Sites to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Easily

Proxy Sites to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos
Written by Naveen Puli

At present, the Internet is dominating the world. It has now become parcel and part of our life. Billions of websites are being accessed daily by the users.

The Internet is a hub of knowledge and the entertainment. Whenever we want to gain any useful information, then we switch to the particular website. Watching YouTube videos is also most common surfing activity for youngsters nowadays.Proxy Sites to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

Now what will happen if any video or social networking site that you want to access becomes unavailable for you? Yes, of course, you will feel annoyed and frustrated. Messages like “this video is unavailable in your country “make you feel annoyed.

This happens because these videos are being blocked by either the Government or by video owner himself. This is usually done to protect the copyrights of that particular video. Even at home, parents block some of the websites containing adult content.

List of Proxy Sites to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos Easily

Generally, in schools and colleges, all of the social networking, gaming, and video sharing sites you will found blocked. The similar condition you often face at your workplace, in such situation you feel helpless and exhausted.

YouTube videos are blocked more often. Most of the times it happens that whenever we try to access any music video or song, then instead of that song or video one message is displayed

Unfortunately, this videocannotbeaccessedin[…]asitpossiblycontainsmusicwhoserelatedrightshavenotbeen granted by[…].We’ are sorry.

This is a very frustrating moment. We feel helpless
Proxy Sites to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos

Now, if we send some light on its reasons, then we come to the conclusion that many YouTube videos are blocked because:-

  • In most cases, youtube videos are blocked due to the violation of its terms and services. Video owners or Uploaders block their videos when they believe that their copyrights have been violated.
  • The government usually blocks video due to its adult content.
  • Schools and colleges impose restrictions on videos due to security reasons and distractions.
  • Some videos are restricted to one country and are watched within some countries. In such situation message like “this video is unavailable in your country.” Is displayed on our screen.
  • YouTube automatically identifies the YouTube user by the individual’s IP address. This IP address is connected to specific country code. YouTube automatically detects this IP address and the country the user belongs to and blocks the video.

Proxy sites: lifeline to watch blocked YouTube videos

Most of the times when we try to access some music videos or songs on youtube then usually we found them blocked. YouTube is not always held responsible for blocking any video.

Videos can be banned by the government, ISP, schools or colleges. To overcome this problem, use of proxy sites is the best solution. Proxy sites unblock the video that has been banned in your locality. These sites act against blocked videos.

Youtube identifies the user’s IP address and blocks video in that region whereas proxy site hides the user’s IP address and the user become anonymous and hence could easily access the blocked video.

On the Internet, there are many proxy sites available. These sites are easy to use without any complication. The principle of using the proxy site is quite simple.

How to do this?

Just visit any YouTube proxy site, enter the URL of the video or website you want to access and that’s it. By performing this, you will be able to watch any blocked video in your region without any problem.

The proxy site hides the information and IP address of its users and clients. But remember not all proxy sites are safe and reliable. Some of them may contain viruses and malware.

There are more than 50 YouTube proxy sites are available which are fast, reliable and easy to use. We are listing here trust-able and safe Proxy Sites to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos:

YouTube Proxy Sites:

Most of the popular and most commonly used proxy sites for YouTube are:

1. Hide My Ass
One of the best proxy server which is Hide My Ass used for accessing blocked videos on YouTube. This server not only allows access to blocked videos but also allow the user to do net surfing anonymously.

The user remains unidentified as this server hides users’ identity and location. This server was established in 2005 and became one of the best proxy servers.

2. YouTube Proxy
YouTube proxy is another online tool for unblocking videos. The user’s identity is confidential, and he can surf the net by remaining unidentified.

This site unblocks not only videos but also other useful websites like social networking sites which are mostly blocked by schools and colleges.

This server is fast, secure and reliable. It is easy to use. You get access to a particular website just by entering your URL and clicking on go button.

3. ProxFree
Proxfree is simple and completely free online proxy website. It also allows access to any blocked site or video. It acts a mediator between you and the site you want to access.
Any blocked media will become available for you as long as you have access to proxfree server.
Target website will contain the address of the proxfree server on its address bar.
4. Hola
Hola is also an unblocked tool used for unblocking any YouTube video that has been banned in your country. It is used as an extension to your web browsers, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You can install Hola for your browser and use it in just a few steps.

Step 1: Hola is best used with your Google Chrome browser. Therefore install Hola extension on your Google Chrome from the link provided: Hola for Google Chrome

Step 2: After installing it, you will find Hola extension as an icon on chrome’s extension bar.

Step 3: Now open the YouTube video that you want to access and click on Hola extension icon that you have just installed on your browser.

After you click on Hola icon, drop down menu will appear that will display the options of country flags.

Select your country flag. After this, you can watch blocked video, as Hola will reload and make available the blocked video within seconds.

5. Unblock is most popular and simple YouTube proxy site used for unblocking YouTube videos. It works on all devices including Smartphone, laptops, computers and tablets.
6. Unblock streaming
It is super fast web proxy server used for unblocking any video that has banned in your country. It keeps the user’s details private by hiding its IP address. It unblocks videos restricted in countries like United States, Pakistan, Malaysia, and India.
7. Proxyturbo. Com
Proxyturbo is another YouTube proxy site that preserves your privacy online. It unblocks any site or video by changing the user’s IP address. It also provides HTTP connection using SSL.

To use this site just enter the URL of blocked video you want to access in the text field and clock on go button.

Unlocks YouTube videos like other proxy servers.
It provides encryption for all websites and works on all devices. With the help of this YouTube proxy site, we can view all of our favorite videos on YouTube without any issue.
Videos displayed are of high resolution and good quality. In the case of any query, you can also report us.
9. Dolopo Proxy server
Dolopo offers full access to our YouTube proxy with one of the best link encryption algorithms available today so you and your family and friends will always be anonymous and safe.

All the internet addresses you will access throw out web proxy from now on, will be encrypted, and you will be safer, this means, that from now on, no one can see what websites you’re visiting.

Dolopo is a fast, High-quality YouTube proxy. Dolopo is doing its best to make the YouTube proxy compatible with all types of Videos on this major web video platform, so you will not get restricted from accessing YouTube anymore.

It allows access to all videos from movies to latest songs without any interruption.

By simply entering the URL of the blocked website we can easily watch videos which are restricted in our locality. These sites are safe, reliable and display high-resolution videos without any hindrance.

Proxy sites provide helping hand in accessing blocked videos. These sites release the restriction imposed on youtube videos by various agencies. Proxy sites worked as a mediator between the user and the target site. So try to use above List of Proxy Sites to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos.

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