CPA Marketing: How To Get Started

Written by Naveen Puli

So many people started their journey as a blogger. Here we are providing the complete guide on one of the best Affiliate Marketing i.e. CPA Marketing. We are discussing Cost Per Action(CPA) at here.

So that you know about which is the best choice in Affiliate Marketing.CPA marketing

What is CPA?

CPA stands for cost per action. There are two types of people in this CPA marketing. This CPA network revolves around the Advertisers and publishers. Here publishers are nothing but affiliates. Advertisers will pay the amount to CPA networks for advertising their products.

In this article, we will be covering the steps to get started CPA marketing and earn the money.

We can start the CPA in easy steps. We can get paid whenever a user clicks on affiliate links and make the action. This type of activities mainly four types. Below we can see those common activities like.

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By filling out a form Getting quote or estimate By signing up for a free trial Purchasing/Buying something

Every time a publisher get the money whenever a visitor completes an offer. Usually, this called as a Lead. Some of the well-known CPA networks are AdsendMedia, CPALead, NeverBlueAds, and AzoogleAds, etc. Here we can easily get approved CPALead and AdsendMedia compared to MaxBounty, NeverBlue, etc.

How To Get Started CPA Marketing?

We can launch the CPA marketing by using below steps.

Step 1: Find suitable offer

First of all, we will try to determine appropriate offers based on our existing site traffic. Try to follow some websites like oDigger and Offervault, which are proving best affiliate marketing offers.

Step 2: Join the Best CPA networks

For getting success in CPA marketing, first, we have to join in some trusted CPA networks. Because best CPA networks act as a mediator between Advertisers and affiliates.

Step 3: Design our site ready for CPA

After getting approved account in CPA networks then we will develop our site for the CPA offer. Because this action is necessary to get clicks for CPA offer which is integrated on our website.affiliate marketing work

Below we are providing some sites which are integrated their sites for CPA marketing.

One the big brand in CPA platform. See the below screenshot for integration. Money super market

Nerdwallet is also one the big brand in CPA marketing. We are proving the screen shot of nerdwallet below.nerdwallet

Mainly CPA Networks are looking for below criteria’s:

  • They are always looking for Serious and Perfect peoples who are doing the work honestly
  • If we have some experience, then they will surely accept us
  • They are looking for people who are bringing traffic to their networks

Tips for being accepted in the field of CPA Networks:

Below we are providing some tips to get approved by CPA networks. Keep in mind below points while applying for CPA Marketing.

1) Be professional and act like an expert – Always try to use a professional email address. That should be like [email protected] (or) [email protected]
This is an easy step to proof as professionals. Suppose if you do not have the domain name, then we can use free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

2) CPA networks will be happy if we send traffic through PPC, SEO and banners advertising. Every CPA network asks us to show our ways of promoting their offers. You should convince them by telling we are in the internet marketing since one year.

3) Always try to say them as we will promote all types of offers like signups, Email, etc.

4) Describe your site and its traffic metrics for better chances. So, there is an opportunity to get approved.

5) Try to call them within 24 hours after applying to CPA networks. So, this is one of the best ways to make a good impression.

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