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Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form Guide For Non-US Residents [W-8BEN]

Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form Guide
Written by Naveen Puli

One of the top Hosting Provider Bluehost offering good commission for Affiliate sales. I am providing Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form Guide For Non-US Residents at here. Use this step by step instructions guide on how to fill tax submission form for non-US residents at Bluehost Affiliate account to receive commissions.Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form Guide

We need to fill tax form for most of the Affiliate Networks to eligible for the payments. Many people requesting me to provide Bluehost Affiliate Program tax form. So check this Step by Step guide to fill out BlueHost Affiliate Tax form for Non-US Residents.

How To Fill BlueHost Affiliate Tax Form?

Bluehost offering $65 for every qualified hosting sale. But you need to fill tax form correctly in order to receive your commission. Almost every affiliate network providing two types of forms as mentioned in below.

Tax Forms
  • W-9 Form: For US Persons
  • W-8BEN Form: For Non-US Persons/Residents
Check below tutorial if you are Indian Affiliate Marketer or any other country. You need to fill W-8BEN Form to receive the payment. Check W-8BEN Form official instructions at here.

Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form Guide For Non-US Residents [W-8BEN]

Once you login to your Bluehost Affiliate Account, then it will ask you to fill tax form. Also, you can see one notification like

Our records indicate we do not have a tax form on file for your account. In order to receive payment for any referrals, you must complete the required form.
To resolve this issue, please submit your tax form at this page. Click on that link or you can directly go to Bluehost Affiliate tax form by clicking on Settings => Tax Form as shown in below image.

Steps For W-8BEN Form:

1. First, you need to select “No” radio button which signifies that you are not a US Person. Then continue filling the form.W-8BEN-Form-Bluehost
2. Then you will get W-8BEN form as shown in below image. In Identification of Beneficial Owner Section, Fill your Name, Address and Type of beneficial owner.W-8BEN-Form-Beneficial-Owner-Section
Name: Required
Permanent Address: Required
City: Required
Country: Required
Type of beneficial owner: Individual

3. Then you need to fill U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN. This is the important step in tax form. So, simply leave all blanks.

EIN for tax form:

4. Indian Bluehost Affiliate Marketers keep all the fields under “claim of tax treaty benefits“. Leave all blanks now no need to enter anything in this secion.w-8ben-form-claim-of-tax
5. In Certification Section tick YES, I have read and acknowledge certification.w-8ben-form-cert
6. In Signature Section, Write your full name and once check date signed. Then click on submit tax form button. w-ben-form-signThat’s it you have successfully completed filling tax form with required fields.

After verification, you will receive tax form approval email in your registered email at Bluehost Affiliate Program. This may take few hours only.

Conclusion: I hope that you liked this Bluehost Affiliate Tax Form Guide For Non-US Residents well. Try to utilize this guide and receive your affiliate commissions without any problems. Share your suggestions or tips by using the comment section below.

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